loveBEBORNdie [or "why don’t we do it in the road"], an ongoing art school project by jcaj & others

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Paris, Le mur Saint-Martin, été 2009

Commentaire involontaire, postérieur de 3 ans à lBBd (ci-dessus) :

"Many other forms of performative knowledge could be cited as examples, such as the temporary establishment of the Saint-Petersburg Street University in 2008, immediately following the closure of the European University due to a supposed violation of security regulations. The Street University is organized by unemployed European University academics, by the same school's students and by the Russian artistic collective Chto Delat/What is to be done? who decided to go into the streets to hold their lessons. They are all united by the desire to define an alternative field of production and distribution of critical knowledge. Also, given the insurrectional character of the circumstances, they have retrieved the street debat and theatrical protest action as forms of learning and cognitive production.  In this case, yet again - as in the preceding cases or as in the case of the didactic interventions on the part of the Brazilian group Contrafilè - we find a situational production of knowledge that derives from the concrete nature of situations and in a self-organizing form in which person is simultaneous student, teacher, and administrator. Thus, just as there are no assigned roles, neither there are any specified spaces or privileged moments for this type of performative knowledge."

Marco Scotini, "The Disobedient Class, Bottom-up Academies and Affirmative Education", in Teaching Art in the Noeliberal Realm, Realism versus Cynicism, Pascal Gielen & Paul De Bruyne eds., Amsterdam, Valiz, 2012, p. 196.

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